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PDF Redaction & OCR Recognition Service

Whether you need to remove sensitive data from scanned documents with PDF Redaction or access specific data within a document quickly using OCR Recognition, we can help.

PDF Redaction service

PDF Redaction Service

PDF Redaction is a critical tool that allows us to take specific information off of your recently scanned documents.

Why would you want information taken out of your newly scanned documents? If your documents have confidential or private client information, such as social security numbers, that you do not want to be shared or seen throughout the files, we can remove that information from the PDFs. It’s a digital eraser.

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OCR recognition service process

OCR Recognition Service

OCR – Optical Character Recognition or Optical Character Reader – is the electronic or mechanical conversion of images typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text.

The text that appears on your documents becomes readable to the machine. This process allows the items on your now scanned documents to become searchable and ultimately make your life much, much easier when looking for a specific part of your document.

For example, say you know which file your document was in, but the document contains 100 pages. With OCR you can type in, “The car is blue,” and every area within the selected documents that includes this phrase will be easily found.

Benefits Of Going Paperless With ScanEx Imaging

✅ Save time, money & space with newly digitized electronic documents

✅ Access and retrieval of all of your critical data with just an email to corporate

✅ Share important documents easily and safely

✅ Improved customer service and increased productivity

✅ Reduced clutter and more efficient use of office space

✅ Peace of mind knowing your important data is secure, protected & compliant

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